RTR is the largest media corporation in Russia

From the history of RTR

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" (RTR) was founded on July 14, 1990. A few months later radio "Radio Rossiyi" was on the air. On May 13, 1991 the TV channel RTR, which was renamed to "Rossiya" in 2001, began its broadcast.

In early 1993, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" acquired the status of a national broadcasting company. That same year, the RTR became a full member of the European Broadcasting Union, entitled to key decisions in the EBU operation, and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

In 1998 all media assets were merged by the decree of the Russian president into a holding company. So Russia got the largest corporation of the state electronic media, which is present in all niches today’s Russian television.

In January 2010 the RTR rebranded TV channels: the "Vesti 24" changed its name to "Rossiya 24" and "Culture" to "Rossiya K" (Russia Culture).

The structure of the RTR

At present, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" has the leading position at the national broadcasting market, and is one of the leading producers of content. The RTR comprises:

  • National TV channels: "Rossiya 1", "Rossiya K";
  • over 80 regional TV and radio networks broadcasting in all regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Russia's first 24/7 news channel – "Russia 24";
  • "RTR-Planet" – a TV channel operating abroad in the Russian language since 2002;
  • a Russian-language version of the "Euronews" TV channel;
  • four radio channels: "Radio Rossiyi", "Mayak" (Lighthouse), "Kultura" (Culture), "Vesti FM";
  • a state Internet channel "Rossiya" combining dozens of online resources.

In addition, the RTR and Rostelecom offer the first Russian package of non-air television channels "Digital television", which consists of seventeen channels, satisfying any requests of the audience: "Moya Planeta" (My planet), "Nauka 2.0" (Science 2.0), "Istoriya" (History), "Zhivaya Planeta" (Living Planet), "T24", "Mult" (Cartoon), "Russian romance", "Russian detective", "Russian bestseller", NST (Real terrible TV) and other.


The audience of channel "Rossiya 1" comprises 98.5% of Russia's population and more than 50 million viewers in the CIS and Baltic countries.TV channel "Rossiya 1" has the leading position at the national broadcasting market, and is one of the leading producers of content. Produced for the TV screen adaptation of the classic works of Russian writers Dostoevsky, Bulgakov and Solzhenitsyn gathered a record audience, forming new, highest standards in the field of TV film production. The news program "Vesti" (News) is recognized leader of news broadcasting in Russia. The "Vesti" reporters successfully cope with the task to create and promptly deliver efficient, reliable, current news to every viewer.

"RTR Planeta" channel, an international version of "Rossiya 1", is watched in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, North Africa and China. "RTR-Planeta" is 24/7 information-entertainment channel in the Russian language, specially designed for the Russian-speaking compatriots, living abroad. "RTR-Planeta" consists of the best shows from "Rossiya 1" and "Rossiya K" (Russia Culture).

The educational TV channel Culture has broadcasted since November 1, 1997. History, music, theater, visual art and literature are the main themes of the channels’ programs. The channel cooperates with the largest television companies in the world including BBC, RAI, RM ASSOCIATES, INA, ORF, the European TV channel ARTE, Beta-film, Granada, Telemondis, Discovery.

"Rossiya 24" broadcasts 24/7 constantly updating news. The channel informs world and Russian news, as well as culture, economy and sports news. A lot of air time dedicated to economic analysis and interviews with representatives of the Russian and world political elites. Special attention is given to live broadcasts of major world events. The economic center of RTR is a special unit of economic news.


The state broadcasting company "Radio Rossiyi" is the leading state-owned radio station of the country. Programs of "Radio Rossiyi" are heard in all regions at low, medium and ultra-short frequency waves. More than 13 years "Radio Rossiyi" has gotten the highest ratings.

At present, "Radio Rossiyi" is the only one national radio station which broadcasts news, political, musical, literary, theater, science, educational and children programs. It has 174 original shows. The station broadcasts 24/7.

Radio "Vesti FM" has no analogues in Russia. News, comments, market, live reports are broadcasted 24/7. Among the station priorities are the international politics and global economy, Russian and CIS news, sports, high-tech technologies, culture.

"Mayak" is the oldest and most respected information and music radio station in Russia.

Internet projects

The RTR is one of the biggest players on the Russian Internet. According to statistics, Vesti.ru is the third most popular news site of Runet. The monthly audience of the site is almost 17 million unique users. In 2012 the total number of RTR sites visitors reached 300 million.

TV channel "Rossiya" broadcasts online on the site Russia.tv, "Rossiya 24" on Vesti.ru, "RTR-Planet" on RTR-Planeta.com, "Radio Rossiyi" on radiorus.ru, Radio "Mayak" on radiomayak.ru, "Vesti FM" on vesti.ru, Radio "Yunost" on radiounost.ru, Radio "Culture" on cultradio.ru.